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Server Time:
Name Lvl RR GR
Seferote 233 488 85
TangNaMoKa 185 1176 55
Ryker 364 347 53
4 Alexa 400 2684 47
5 Legato 351 372 42
Name Score Master
ZONA51 2 1C3PEAk
KinGs 2 Luffy
4 zClan 1 Professyr
5 1111111 0 TURKENES
Castle Owner Guild BOSS
Castle Guild Master OLD_MAN
Next Siege 2022-05-28 16:00:00
(BC) Blood Castle
Start In 01h 51m 03s

(CC) Chaos Castle
Start In 51m 03s

(DS) Devil Square
Start In 02h 21m 03s

Red Dragon Invasion
Start In 02h 06m 03s

Golden Invasion
Start In 02h 51m 03s

White Wizard Invasion
Start In 01h 06m 03s

Start In 51m 03s

Loren Deep
Start In 06h 06m 03s

(CS) Castle Siege - [Start In]
Start In 23h 51m 03s

Skype Discord YouTube
Max Stats 32767
DL CMD Stats 32767
Server Season Season 3 Ep1
Points Per Level 5/6
Server Exp x5000
Item Drop 65%
Zen Drop 30%
Excellent Imperial Staff + 13
Excellent Bone Blade + 13
Jewel Of Chaos
Berserker Scale Boots
Excellent Cross Shield + 5
private server
private server

private server


Promo DMU


We would like to present Promotion to all players on our server.
As the server moves towards a change and the players grows, it was decided to make a promotion for old and new players, but we are happy to give out this promotion and hope you are happy to see it too.

[S3 Special Packages]
- Get 15.000 Credits for each special packages that you will be purchasing

[Mace of the King & Emperor (Ancient)]
- Get 10.000 Credits for each special packages that you will be purchasing

[Set Season 4]
- Get 5.000 Credits for each special packages that you will be purchasing

[Paypal, and SMS Bonuses]
- Paypal 25% Bonus for Credits donation bundle.

The promotion is valid from 25.May to 8.June

Yours sincerely,
The DemonicMU Team


2022-05-25 22:57

Changelog Update 0.5


Hello everyone

[Changelog Update 0.5]
The following changes to Server.

[+] Added Box +1+2+3+4 in PC Point.
[+] Added Combo For Class SM/ELF.
- MG will be added soon!!
[+] Added Delay to Teleport Skill SM.
[+] Fixed Options Luck to Staff Imperial & Deadly.

PS: Use the Launcher for Update Client!!!

Thank You!
The DemonicMU Staff Team


2022-05-23 20:57

Update Time Castle Siege


Hello everyone

The Time from Castle Siege now will be to 16:00 GMT+2 Saturday.

Thank You.
The DemonicMU Team.


2022-05-22 11:19

Changelog Update 0.4


Hello everyone

[Changelog Update 0.4]
The following changes to Server.

[+] Added NEW BOSS DMU Stone #3 in Atlans 1-3.
[+] Fixed DMU Stone from Chaos Castle.
[+] Fixed Some Ancient from Webshop.
- Hypersion, Mist, Apollo, Berseker, Eplete and Cloud Brass.
[+] Change Balance from SM/MG/ELF.

Thank You!
The DemonicMU Staff Team


2022-05-18 19:53

Changelog Update 0.3


Hello everyone

[Changelog Update 0.3]
The following changes to Server.

[+] Disabled Sellings Jewels/Box Webpage.
[+] Added Loren of Valley in M to Game.
[+] Fixed Ancient WebShop.
[+] Update Stadium/Arena Monster's

Thank You!
The DemonicMU Staff Team


2022-05-15 15:37

Рейтинг серверов mmotop

Promo DMU end in 8 June!!