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DEMONIC 0 dualiTy
Castle Owner Guild DEMONIC
Castle Guild Master dualiTy
Next Siege 2023-03-31 16:00:00
(BC) Blood Castle
Start In 18m 53s

(CC) Chaos Castle
Start In 01h 18m 53s

(DS) Devil Square
Start In 02h 48m 53s

Red Dragon Invasion
Start In 02h 33m 53s

Golden Invasion
Start In 03h 18m 53s

White Wizard Invasion
Start In 05h 33m 53s

Start In 05h 18m 53s

Loren Deep
Start In 02h 33m 53s

(CS) Castle Siege - [Start In]
Start In 6d 04h 18m 53s

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Demonic MU [x5000]
Today Active {$Echo.mdb1_active_24hours}
Max Stats 32767
DL CMD Stats 32767
Server Season Season 3 Ep1
Points Per Level 5/6
Server Exp x5000
Item Drop 65%
Zen Drop 30%
private server
private server

private server


All the Demonic MU players are fully responsible on their own accord to read, understand and accept the following rules.


1. Bad words and Insulting

1.1. You have no right to insult or use any bad words against our Admins, Game Masters, & Server.

1.2. Using of bad words and insulting other players is not prohibited but put some limitations.

1.3. You are not allowed to insult his/her parents & family.


2. Advertising

2.1. You have no right to advertise any servers, forums, blogs, websites of any online games in Demonic MU.

2.2. Advertising will lead to ban of your account/IP permanently.

2.3. We will not tolerate the conversation that talks about another MU online servers in game & forum.


3. Cheating (Using Speed Hacks, Bugs or Patches)

3.1. You have no right to use autohotkey, macros or any type of third party software that manipulates game play experience.

3.2. You have no right to use patches that excels you from the other players.

3.3. You have no right to use bugs.


4. Impersonating

4.1. You have no right to use names that are close/identical to our Admins & Game Masters.

4.2. If you saw someone using names that are close/identical to our Admins & Game Masters report it instantly in our forum.

4.3. You have no right to use guild names that are close/identical to Admins & Support.

4.4. If you saw a guild that is close/identical to our Admins & Support Guild names report it instantly in our forum.

4.5. Users who are impersonating our Admins/Game Masters names are taking advantages of it.

They may scam or hack you.


5. Pretending

5.1. You have no right to pretend that you are an Admin or Game Master of Demonic MU server.

5.2. Others are pretending as an Admin or Game Master of Demonic MU to take advantage of it.

5.3. They may ask for your items and promise to give in return.

5.4. They may also ask for your account & password/email address & secret question & answers.

5.5. Take note of this: Real Admins and Game Masters do not ask that things. If someone did, report them immediately in our forum.


6. Selling or Buying items or accounts for real money or other server items

6.1. You have no right to sell or buy items or accounts for real money or other server items.

6.2. Selling or buying items of accounts for real money or other server items will lead to permanently account ban.


7. Disturbing Admins & Game Masters

7.1. You have no right to disturbed our Admins & Game Masters in game.

7.2. Asking for free items is prohibited.

7.3. When a Game Master is making events, do not disturbed them.

7.4. It is punishable, so beware.


8. Player Killing During Events

8.1. You have no right to kill a player during an Event hosted by our Game Masters unless they give permission to it.

8.2. You have no right to kill a player most especially in Hide and Seek, Bring Me, Find and Bring Me, Race, Find and Buy My Store Event.

8.3. Others are taking advantage of killing a player for them to win the event.

8.4. This is prohibited, so beware!


9. Killing Admins, Game Master, & Support

9.1. You have no right to kill Admins, Game Masters & Support Characters.

9.2. They are the superiors of Demonic MU server, give a respect to them, so they will give in return.


10. Donation policies

10.1. Donation is never forced on player and any donation is voluntary.

10.2. Donations are non-refundable.

10.3. Donation items and goods are virtual and can't be used in real life.

10.4. If player has been banned for violation of any rule - goods or services will not be transfered to other character/account.

10.5. Donation goods price list is available on forum. No "free extras" or "favours" are available after donation.

10.6. Using someones elses Credit or Debit card / PayPal account / details is a criminal offense.

10.7. If you don't agree with donation policies or any information posted in Rules(Terms of Service) - don't donate. 

10.8. Donations doesn't guarantee that you will become most powerful player or that you will be unkillable. Other people donate too, they have the same or better items. There are no performance guarantees. 


11. Final provisions

11.1. Administration reserves rights to change the server regulations, without warning users, at any time if it’s necessary. New rules shall come into force from the moment of their publication on the website. In case if rules are changed, players should take responsibility to read and accept them.

11.2. Every player should accept the responsibility to regularly check the information published on our game portal, to stay in touch with the possible changes. If the player continuous using our services, it will be considered as player's acceptance of such changes.

11.3. Each player is required to report all the offenders and violations, all the serious errors and bugs immediately to the Demonic Administration in the appropriate section on the forum.

11.4. If the player cannot accept any changes and/or additions, he should immediately stop using the service.


12. Administration and project.

12.1. Administration will not require user's password or game items.

If you’re being asked to give your game items or password - this is not an administrator. Administration do not want your game items or password. Administration does not return any missing characters or game items. We do not change your account passwords, we do not make rollbacks in case if you are robbed or allegedly robbed. It is your responsibility to protect your property and characters. Beware of scams!

12.2. Administration will never intimidate or threaten you.

Administration will never threaten players with a ban or other actions. If you have broken the rules, we will punish you with an according punishment. If you haven’t break any of particular rules, however you were close to it, Administration can warn you to behave within the rules. To give only a warning, noway to threat you. If someone threats you with a ban or with something else, most likely it is a scammer!

12.3. Administration reserves rights to:

Ban temporarily or permanently, any user account without any notice, refund or compensation, if we are of opinion that it is necessary. Furthermore, we reserve rights to remove all the player accounts, characters and their game items, if we are of opinion that it is necessary.

12.4. Administration may shut down, reboot or modify the server without any notice.

Administration is doing everything what's in their power to keep the server running. However, to improve and modify our server, it can sometimes require reboot or temporary shutdown. Nevertheless, we will inform you about planned maintenances on the website or forum.

12.5. Game project’s performance warranty.

Our game project is free and demonstrative. Administration does not guarantee full functionality of certain aspects of the game, and also does not guarantee their corrections. As well, Administration do not guarantee to return player items or any other gaming values, which were lost due to technical problems.

12.6. Administration decisions.

Any decision made by the Administration is fair and competent, it’s out of the question


Server has Chat logs - everything you say online is saved. Chat logs are checked daily for cheat/spam/toxicity prevention. Anything you say in game is considered as true unless you state that it is a joke RIGHT AFTER saying it.




Do you agree to Rules/TOS ?

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