DemonicMU Season 6 Episode 3

Experience: 500x Drop: 45%

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Castle Siege

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Changelog Update 0.3

Hello everyone

[Changelog Update 0.3]
The following changes to Server.

[+] Added BattleRoyale Event
[+] Added Pvp Championship Event
[+] Added Quiz Event
[+] Removed Large Complex Potion
[+] Change PvP DL vs BK.
[+] Reward Change Dynamic GrandReset.
[+] Update Reward Event (info)(Webpage)
[+] Update Master Skill Tree.
[+] Added Seed[Fire](Level Type) in XShop

[+] To Changelog  (Coming Soon)
- Here will be update Custom Set/Sword/Shield/Staff/Bow etcc.
- New Ancient [Blood Angel, Dark Angel, Holy Angel, BluEyes]
- New Monster Hunt [Drop New Custom Set/Sword/Shield/Staff/Bow etcc]
- Update Balance Character

Thank You.
The DemonicMU Team.

Currently this is only one server.