DemonicMU Season 6 Episode 3

Experience: 500x Drop: 45%

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Auto Reconnect & Auto Reset - Enabled


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DemonicMU 500x Opening

Hello everybody.

DemonicMU will have a Database reset that will have some minor changes, which will involve the evolution of the
game and the experience that will be 500x, and other changes will be related to XShop, in which we will remove some
things from it, which you can only find them in Drop at NEW BOSS.

DemonicMU - Season 6 - 500x
Date -> 22.01.2022 GMT+2 to 20:00

[+] Exp: 500x
[+] Master Exp: 50x
[+] Reset Auto -> Exp: 250x
[+] V.I.P Enabled. [B/S/G]
[+] NO WebShop.
[+] Removed Donate Buy Full Stats.

Thank You.
The DemonicMU Team.

Currently this is only one server.